We guarantee quality, healthy and sustainable material

We handle a classic varietal breeding program that has resulted in obtaining some of the most relevant varieties in the sector in recent years


In the R&D department the characteristics of future varieties are established and the crosses are designed to obtain them. Next, an exhaustive evaluation process of each new genotype is carried out. Finally, we obtain varieties with improved quality and shelf life, as well as excellent agronomic qualities so that they are also attractive to the grower and nursery. The selected materials are analyzed by chromatography (HPLC) to determine their content in sugars and acids, essential components of the organoleptic and nutritional quality of the fruit.

Development and Registration

The varieties that have managed to pass the selection process are evaluated under different productive situations in the fields of our collaborating farmers and shareholders. Once all this demanding process has been satisfactorily completed, they are registered in the Spanish Office of Plant Varieties and in the Community Office of Plant Varieties, in addition to the names in the European Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market. The varietal denominations are also registered.

Nursery production

We license varieties to our shareholder nurseries. In addition, we advise and take responsibility for the conservation and multiplication of base plants and previous generations, with the aim of controlling and preserving the material in the conditions required by current legislation.

Collaborating organisations