Our goal

The company Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A. (FNM) was created in 1999 with the purpose of breeding varieties better adapted to the needs of the strawberry and raspberry sector. With an important investment in R&D, FNM is currently positioned as a main player in the varietal berry breeding.

Our commitment

With the Producer

Offering new varieties with a good production, resistance to diseases and an excellent organoleptic quality

With the nurseries

Diversifying the sources of supply of varietie

With our shareholders

Offering an economically profitable and useful project for the sector

FNM shareholding

The company is majority owned by the fruit-producing sector of the province of Huelva (Spain), through Fresas Investigación y Desarrollo (FID) and the nursery sector.

  • Fresas Investigación y Desarrollo S.A.
  • Caja Rural del Sur. S. Coop. Cdto.
  • Viveros Plantas de Navarra S.A.
  • Viveros Río Eresma S.L.
  • Viveros California S.A.T.
  • Viveros Campiñas, S.C. Agraria
  • Vivero Herol S.L.
  • Sungro S.A.
  • Viveros Secueductos S.L.
  • Plantberry S.L.
  • Viveros Fresancho C.B.
  • Viveros Gardisancho
  • Viveros Niharra S.L
  • Otros

Local varieties for a global market

Currently, FNM licenses its varieties in various parts of the planet such as, among others, South Africa, China, Europe, USA, Mexico and other Latin American countries; as long as it is agroclimatic zones similar to ours.